The experience of nurses working in the managed isolation and quarantine facilities. Isabel Jamieson

Background: The aim of this research project was to discover the experiences of New Zealand nurses working in managed isolation and quarantine facilities. The research question was; What were the experiences of New Zealand nurses working in managed isolation and quarantine facilities during time of the COVID-19 pandemic?
Method: A qualitative descriptive project using purposive sampling.
Inclusion criteria: nurses (registered nurses and enrolled nurses) who have worked in, or are working in, managed isolation/ quarantine facilities in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Data collection: via one-on-one semi-structured interviews via Zoom.
Findings: Interviews undertaken with 14 registered nurses December 2020 – January 2021. Data analysis is in progress, initial findings indicate: a rapidly evolving nursing role, an ever-changing work environment, caring for guests and stigmatisation of the nurses and their families.

Dr Isabel Jamieson, RN, PhD, MNurse(Melb), CertAT,  is currently employed by the Ara  Institution of Canterbury (Ara), Department of Health Practice as a principal nursing lecturer and as a senior lecturer, University of Canterbury, Christchurch New Zealand. Other roles include Chair of the department’s research committee, thesis supervisor and thesis examiner. Her research interests include health care workforce issues, clinical models of teaching and learning, nursing student’s readiness to practice as well as the graduate nurse experience. Isabel’s clinical background was perioperative nursing, surgical assisting, and infection control.